Provider Name: Moinfar, Dr. Amir R
Speciality: Orthopedics
Date:  May 23, 2012
Description of Experience: 
My last appointment with Dr. Moinfar was for a checkup

Testimonial: He's very knowledgeable and listens to me. He gathers input on what I'm telling him, rather than trying to figure out things on his own. His bedside manner and communication with me are excellent. His staff are very professional and organized. Transcribed from a telephone interview

˜ ˜May 23, 2012

Before seeing Dr. Deyhim, was passed from one doctor to the next. Dr. Deyhim, accepted my case allowing me to be admitted to the hospital. He ordered a series of MRI and ultra sound procedures that revealed the greater damage to soft tissue elements in my leg. Because of his professional approach I received the necessary care for damaged nerves and tendons. He always was available for consultation all along the way.

˜ ˜June 5,2012

Dr. Deyhim performed a very thorough examination of my feet and took x-rays. He was able to trace the structural (a high arch) root of my pain and gave me stretching exercises to perform at home. He was extremely pleasant and answered all of my MANY questions. He spent a fair amount of time explaining the biomechanics of my feet and said that I would probably need orthotics somewhere down the road to fix the problem. Dr. Deyhim is definitely someone who is passionate about his field of expertise and it shows in the way he relates to his patients. I received a cortisone injection in the heel of my foot to help with inflammation and was given a prescription for an anti-inflammatory as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking foot or ankle care and especially to those who are athletes!!

Ali Deyhim DPM
˜ ˜Ali Deyhim DPM